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What kind of a city do we want to live in? Why do we need nature in the city? Is the city situated in nature or nature situated in the city? We invite you to think about these questions with us and perhaps we will also find some answers!

Nature is what offers us a needed break in the rush of the city, a moment for ourselves. Be it a shady boulevard, a sidewalk-lining hedge alive with birdsong or a dandelion poking out through the asphalt. Noticing life is an art in itself. Preserving and carrying life in a man-made environment is an even greater masterpiece.
To keep urban life going, we have cut down trees, lost entire green areas and covered much of the ground with asphalt. The ways we have been acting have begun to reveal their drawbacks – our health in the city is no longer the same.
At a closer look, we begin to notice connections and understand ever better how the city and nature are interlinked, how the only way is to coexist. The city is a possibility, not impossibility – a refuge for the richness of nature. 

The exhibition was supported by Tallinn – European Green Capital 2023

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