In addition to exhibitions

We offer additional experiences to make your visit even more interesting and entertaining. More information about the different species on show in our exhibition rooms you can find in our audioguide. Augmented reality elements help bring some of the exhibits alive under your eyes. And if you wish to immerse yourself 100% into different realities you can do so with the help of virtual reality.  

Audio guide

To make your visit even more informative and exciting, use our audioguide! You can listen to the audioguide from your own device by using a web browser - be it a smart phone, tablet or your computer at home! When visiting the museum just log into the wifi network LM_public and start listening! Audioguide is available in Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish. 

It is most enjoyable to listen to the audioguide with headphones. So, if possible bring your own headphones with you!

Virtual reality

Väike tüdruk vaatab virtuaalreaalsusprillidega filmiIf you wish to embark on virtual adventures you can do so by booking your VR cinema session in advance. Dive down to the bottom of the ancient sea and meet the incredible creatures living there, shrink yourself down to the size of a single cell and explore the miracolous process of conception or fly throught the autumn night with bats! 

Practical info

  • Virtualreality movies are shown only on demand by prior booking during the opening hours of the museum. If you wish to view the movies at any other time, please check for availablity by writing to  @email or calling +372 641 1739.
  • One movie lasts about 5-8 minutes.
  • The movies are available in English, Russian and Estonian. 
  • The movies are shown with special headsets and up to 10 people can view at a time. If you wish to view at a specific time or with a larger group (starting from 5 people) please contact us beforehand. 
  • 2 VR movies are part of the museum ticket with VR.
  • We do not recommend the movies to children under the age of 5. 


"Terribly Adorable Bats"

The film was created to complement the temporary exhibition by the same name (13.02.2020 - 10.08.2022). In the movie the viewer embarks on a hunting trip with the bats through the autumn night and then gets ready for hibernation. 

"Secrets of the Ancient Sea"

What would it feel like to dive down to the ancient sea bottom and experience the life there? Would you like to meet trilobites, gigantic sea predators, sea scorpions and nautiloids? In the movie clip you can see the distances continents, including the territory of Estonia, have crossed in the course of millions of years, what Estonia looked like 600 million years ago after the Earth’s longest ice age and when the world was ruled by giant reptiles.

"The Beginning of New Life"

How to explain complicated developmental biology in a simple and comprehensible manner? The virtual reality movie clip accompanying the "Fathers and Sons" exhibition helps to understand the complicated process of fertilization based on a beaver couple living in South Estonia. The clip focuses on the development of the male beaver’s sperm, their journey to the egg cell, the fertilization of the baby beaver and its development until birth.

    Augmented reality

    In our permanent exhibition you will find 9 augmented reality elements, that you can bring to life with the help of your smart phone. Look for QR-codes on the floor, scan them, follow your phone's instructions and meet face-to-face with ancient creature or the wonderous species still roaming the earth today. No app needed!

    Mission: nature

    A game in Estonian language only for children. The aim of the game is to help scientists from the future save the world.