Historical collection

This collection displays scientifically valuable material such as objects, documents, manuscripts and other things related to the Estonian Museum of Natural History and Estonian nature research and researchers. In total, the collection has about 1050 specimens. The specimens from this collection are not yet available for viewing online, but they can be viewed at the museum (Toompuiestee 26, Tallinn) by prior arrangement. The collection is currently being expanded mainly with materials related to the museum.


Collection of objects

The collection has approximately 250 specimens. This collection includes tools of natural scientists (for example, the field magnifying glass and microscope of hobbyist doctor Tõnis Leisner, who did notable work in mycology at a scientific level), as well as memorabilia related to the Estonian Museum of Natural History like the red ribbon from the opening of the museum in 1946. The collection also includes objects used in previous exhibitions, including realistic models of mushrooms made by Nikolai Witkowski, who known as Seenevana (Mushroom Man) in the 1930s and 1940s.


Archive collection

This collection has about 800 specimens, some of which are preserved in the National Archives. The collection has documents, letters, manuscripts of articles, field diaries, exhibition reports and much more related to the Estonian Museum of Natural History and its staff, as well as some Estonian natural scientists and hobbyists. The oldest documents are from the Estonian Provincial Museum.

Leida Ojasoo
specialist in the collections department