Life in the Bog


Pääsküla bog

Price: A group: 200 € up to 25 pupils and 1-3 teachers per group
Lesson duration:

2-3 hours

Lesson are suitable: 1. grade, 2. grade, 3. grade, 4. grade, 5. grade, 6. grade, 7. grade, 8. grade, 9. grade, 10. grade, 11. grade, 12. grade

This educational program is carried out outdoors in the Pääsküla bog (Tallinn). Students will learn what is the bog, what makes it special and what animals-plants live there. We walk along board walk and hiking trails through the forest and bog. Students will see what happens with the nature after fire, they will find out what is peat and why a lot of Estonian bogs were drained. On the way we will take a closer look to beavers' traces. We will climb on top of the observation tower and cross springs.

Programs are carried out according to the age of the students.

To book the program please write to @email