Temporary exhibition

Newcomers in Estonian seas

Стоимость: Adult: 10 € / Discount: 5 € pupils, pensioners, students / Children up to 9: 0 €


This is an exhibition about alien species in Estonian waters. The exhibition consists of illustrations by Lennart Lennuk, marine biologist and head of collections at the Estonian Museum of Natural History. The illustrations are from a book by the same name written together with Maria Põldma, senior specialist of marine biology at the Estonian Marine Institute. 

In addition to the detailed illustrations are specimens from the museum collection and short descriptions about the creatures. 

The author spoke of his love of art and science:

Already in childhood I had a deep interest in drawing. But when the time came to choose one's specialty, I felt drawn towards biology. Perhaps I had had enough of art by that point! Biology is the science of life and I wanted to know more about it. I am very happy that now I have a chance to connect my passion towards art and the science of life,"


Местоположение на карте

  • Адрес:

Lai 29a, Tallinn

The exhibition is located in the stairway gallery leading up tp the third floor.