From 5 November 2015 to 27 March 2016, the Estonian Museum of Natural History presented the exhibition „ Wild boar - a real pig". 

The wild boar, also known as the wild hog, wild pig or wild swine, is surrounded by many false beliefs. It is often thought to be a dirty and mannerless animal. Many people see it just as a stupid field rooter. The poor animal’s name is sometimes even used as a word of abuse. This exhibition featured the life of the wild boar as it is in reality. Upon closer examination, many a piggish act of wild boar shows that it is a smart, tidy and outright exemplary animal. Although it may sometimes also conduct piggeries.

The wild boar, a great media figure of the year 2015, was still abundant in the woods of Estonia that year, its doings could be observed both in the forests and in people’s home yards. But will we ever see such wealth of wild boars in our forests again? African swine fever was there, and our forests will not remain the same. The wild boar was elected as the Animal of the Year 2015 knowingly, already having a hunch of what was lying ahead for the wild boars of Estonia and Latvia.

Therefore, that year’s Animal of the Year photo contest had a historical value. It documented the current situation so we could remember in future how things used to be. The contest invited submissions of both photos of the wild boar itself and images of its field signs. Attentive observers submitted a total of 148 works. While the previous years’ Animal of the Year photo contests have drawn submissions from Estonians only, this year’s works of Estonians faced competition by photos from Latvians, who had also elected the wild boar as their Animal of the Year. After all, animals know no political boundaries. 
This was the third time that a group of nature-related organisations, institutions and media publications selected the Animal of the Year in Estonia. The first time was in 2013, when the wolf was selected as the Animal of the Year. The Animals of the Year 2014 were the ringed and grey seal. The photo contest was organised by the journal Loodusesõber and portal Looduskalender.ee. The exhibition was created in cooperation with the Estonian Museum of Natural History.
Curator: Lennart Lennuk, Mats Kangur
Team: sta­ff of the Museum of Natural History, Looduskalender.ee, magazine Loodusesõber
Design: Creative Agency Pult
Light solution: Light On OÜ
Text editing: Ad Altum OÜ
Translations: Marina Maran, Marina Grigorova
Print of photos: printer Artproof
Türi Puitmööbel, Sagadi RMK, Madis Reimund, Piibe OÜ, KO!, Pixmill OÜ, Digitrükk OÜ, MTÜ Studio Viridis Loodusharidus, Andero Paalvelt,
Kaie Eha, Raigo Saariste, Rein Urman, Raul Udam, Ants Ader, Maili Metssalu, Jaan Metssalu, Sten-Olle Moldau, Ekke Västrik.