VR 360 cinema

Everyone can explore the world of virtual reality at the Estonian Museum of Natural History—our exhibitions are accompanied by two 360 VR movie clips available to both individual visitors and groups!

"Terribly Adorable Bats"

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly with a bat in the night?

As a part of the "Terribly Adorable Bats" exhibition we invite you to a virtual reality adventure, which takes you on a flight together with a bat across an autumnal landscape. The adventure ends with hibernation preparations.

"Fathers and Sons”

How to explain complicated developmental biology in a simple and comprehensible manner?

The virtual reality movie clip accompanying the "Fathers and Sons" exhibition helps to understand the complicated process of fertilization based on a beaver couple living in South Estonia. The clip focuses on the development of the male beaver’s sperm, their journey to the egg cell, the fertilization of the baby beaver and its development until birth.

"Secrets of Ancient Sea”

What would it feel like to dive down to the seabed hundreds of millions of years ago and experience the life there?

Would you like to meet trilobites, gigantic sea predators, sea scorpions and nautiloids?

In the movie clip you can see the distances continents, including the territory of Estonia, have crossed in the course of millions of years, what Estonia looked like 600 million years ago after the Earth’s longest ice age and when the world was ruled by giant reptiles.

Practical information:

  • The duration of one clip is about 5–8 minutes. 
  • The clips are available in Estonian, Russian and English.
  • The clips require a special head set and 10 people can watch them simultaneously. If you wish to see the movie clips at a specific time or with a bigger group (5 or more people) we recommend verifying availability and notifying us about you arrival by phone (+372 6411739).
  • The virtual reality movies are screened on the museum opening hours, every hour and half an hour on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional screenings are added when needed.
  • 2 virtual reality films are included in the museum ticket price (10€/6€/22€/free for children under 8-years), every additional film is 2€. 
  • Virtual reality clips are not recommended for children younger than 5 years of age.