The Story of Flowers

The exhibition „The Story of Flowers“ presents a selection of herbaceous plants, trees and shrubs blooming in June, with special focus on a vital process in plant life – pollination. The fragrant exhibition is open from 31May until 22 June.

„Guides to plants often have black and white photos or no illustrations at all. For those who want to learn to know wild flowers, it would thus be worthwhile to come to the museum, where flowers have been brought in and put in vases. As a bonus, the visitor will also find an answer to the question why flowers are so different,” said Jana-Maria Habicht, botanist of the Museum of Natural History and curator of the exhibition.

Visiting the exhibition is also useful for those who know something about medicinal plants but do not know them „by sight“. Who needs help in identifying a wild plant can bring it along when coming to the museum.

The display of the exhibition varies – the flowers are renewed twice a week. About 70 wild plant species – mostly forest and meadow plants but also some weeds and mire plants – are displayed in the exhibition hall at a time. The complicated structure of a flower is explained by means of microphotos. The vision of insects – i.e. how a bee sees a dandelion – is illustrated by a three-dimensional fabric installation.

The Estonian Museum of Natural History is located in Tallinn’s old town at Lai Street 29a. The museum is open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm. The flower exhibition can be seen from 31 May to 22 June. The exhibition was organised with support from the Estonian Environmental Investment Centre.