Photo exhibition “Discover the Earth”

Photo exhibition “Discover the Earth” from the Tallinn University of Technology’s Geology Institute was displayed in the Estonian Museum of Natural History’s hall gallery from 16th of August 2016 to the beginning of March 2017. The exhibition introduced microfossils that tell stories about the Earth’s history, the development of life, environment and climate changes, catastrophes and much more.

The photos exhibited showed only small selection of the rich world of the microfossils that are studied and preserved at the Tallinn University of Technology’s Geology Institute. Microfossils help us to determine the age of rocks, reconstruct environmental conditions of the past and get to know the locations of the continents. The measurements of the microfossils usually stay under 1 mm, therefore special techniques and instruments are used to collect and research them.

The exhibition was composed by Helje Pärnaste, Gennadi Baranov, Olle Hints, Jaak Nõlvak and Tiiu Märss.