Permanent Exhibition

Our permanent exhibition lies on three floors - take your time to visit it and we guarantee it will be worthwhile!

To make your visit even better, use our free online audio guideThe audio guide gives you an overview of the characteristic landscapes and species of Estonia. The programme covers the geology exhibition (II floor) and the hall of forests and meadows (III floor). The audio guide is available in four languages: Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish. 

On the second floor you can find the geology exhibition. In the hall of geology you can explore the geological history of Estonian area which dates back almost 2000 million years. You can see and touch different mineralsrocksmineral resources and fossilized remains of different creatures that have lived here.

On the second floor you’ll also find the hall of Estonian Mires. This hall of Estonian Mires gives you a brief overview of the origin and nowadays life of the mires, helps to understand the differences between them, explains their importance and advises how to enjoy these ancient and unique landscapes.

On the third floor you can see the biodiversity of Estonia’s forests and meadows. The hall of forests welcomes you with a rich display of mammals, birds and insects. Here you can find both a rare flying squirrel and an elk – the largest mammal of Estonia’s forests. You can also look into the eyes of a baby bear and witness the feats of a wolf.

From the third floor you can also find the immersive exhibition „Maria the Sturgeon’s Dream“ that tells the story of the Baltic Sea’s history, nowadays and future through an audio-visual experience.

See you at the museum!