Night Flyers

From 19 March to 25 October 2015, the Estonian Museum of Natural History presents the exhibition „ Night Flyers".

Owls we all probably associate the word „owl“ in our minds with a stocky bird with big penetrating eyes. Humans have always regarded owls as somewhat mysterious creatures. In many cultures, the owl is associated with wisdom and good luck, its image is often depicted on textbook covers or amulets. Various beliefs about owls have likely been triggered by their mostly nocturnal lifestyle, their freaky-sounding hoots, and the big attentive-looking eyes.

The tawny owl, Ural owl, boreal owl, pygmy owl, eagle owl, long-eared owl and short-eared owl regularly nest in Estonia, the hawk owl and great grey owl are rarer or presumed nesters. The little owl, snowy owl and barn owl have been encountered as vagrants. These twelve night flyers found in Estonia are the focus of this exhibition.

Lepidopterans, those beauties fluttering in sunny meadows, are not just showy-looking but also very mysterious and diverse creatures. Glimmering, golden-hued, rainbow-coloured or grey, smaller or larger lepidopterans can be found both in the cool spring weather of Estonia and in the heat of tropical rain forests. People tend to associate the flight of lepidopterans with a warm summer day but it is, in fact, in the dark of the night that most of them – the moths – busily bustle around. Those mysterious night fliers can be seen in the dusk as they quietly rustle behind lit windows or circle around ceiling lights as lost visitors. The exhibition of moths takes the viewer to a miraculous world that is not at all grey and gloomy as the night but full of colours and lively activity.

The exhibition displays material from the collections of the Estonian Museum of Natural History as well as material prepared specially for the exhibition.

Compiled by: Estonian Museum of Natural History
Curators: Anne-Ly Nurmõtalo, Aare Lindt, Evelin Reimand
Team: Pelle Nuggis, Kaiti Kartusov, Stella Skulatsjova, Lennart Lennuk
Design: Pult OÜ
Cooperation partners: MTÜ Studio Viridis, Fred Jüssi, Sven Začek,, Valgusdisain OÜ
Acknowledgements: Tallinn Zoo, Pix OÜ, Digiprint, Red Hat Group Design OÜ