Nature Education

We aim to raise people’s interest in and awareness of the diversity of nature and assist and guide them along this path of discovery.

Our nature education work is consistent and wide-ranging. Our emphasis has been on children, as the values acquired in childhood largely shape the subsequent life. By arranging exhibitions, lectures, film nights, performances and exciting family events, we transfer various skills and knowledge associated with nature, thereby contributing to the development of healthy and sustainable attitudes and values.

Our curriculum-based museum classes for schools and nursery schools help children gain an in-depth understanding of nature and the processes therein. Pre-schoolers should drop by the Discoveries Room, which offers the joy of discovery for visitors of all ages – all it takes is to get started.

Alongside with children we offer various programs for adults as well. Adults can take part in public programs or book guided tours, themed workshops, lectures and many other activities fot them and their family, friends, coworkers, etc. 

For further information and for booking a nature education program please contact us by e-mail muuseum[ät] or by telephone: (+372)6411739 or (+372)6411740