Mobile application – “My nature sound”

The mobile application “My nature sound” was created in collaboration between the Estonian Museum of Natural History and the University of Tartu Natural History Museum.

The mobile app “My nature sound” is the first of its kind in the whole world, enabling recording and storing of nature sounds (birds, mammals, frogs, insects etc.) using a smartphone, and subsequent sharing of the stored sounds.

Observations made using the application are sent to the PlutoF data platform, thus helping researchers of Estonian biodiversity.

The application also enables one to listen to other users’ sound recordings, compare one’s identity assessment, and gain feedback on observations from the database moderators. “My nature sound” is linked to the PlutoF data platform that provides a user with tremendous opportunities to edit and organize their observation data.

The application is available for both Android smartphones and iPhones.

The application was devised within the framework of the “Promotion of environmental education on the basis of collections of Estonian Museum of Natural History” program, funded from the “Development of Environmental Education” measure of the Operational Program “Human Resource Development” priority axes “Lifelong Learning”.