On the Gulf of Finland

From 12 May to 31 August 2014, the Estonian Museum of Natural History presents the exhibition „On the Gulf of Finland“ dedicated to the international Gulf of Finland Year.

The exhibition offers an overview of the Gulf of Finland’s past and current environmental status, cultural history and living environment. The posters displayed in the halls of the museum introduce visitors to the uniqueness and vulnerability of the Gulf of Finland, including non-native species, eutrophication and marine transport.

A huge photo collage gives an idea of remarkable achievements in improving the well-being of the Gulf of Finland. You can also get an overview of the drainage area, seabirds and fishes of the Gulf of Finland.

You can make acquaintance with marine biota of the gulf both through specially designed games and by exploring the displayed fish replica and stuffed fishes. You can also immerse into the marine microworld using microscopes.

The small exhibition hall gives you the feeling of being by the sea – there you can learn how everything we can find on the shore has come into being and reached the shore. You can also listen alternately to the sounds of nature and those of a port.

In addition, you can check out how the everyday choices that humans make in their everyday lives affect the Gulf of Finland and the environment as a whole.

The year 2014 in the field of the environment is dedicated to the Gulf of Finland so as to make joint efforts to improve its marine status. The exhibition was prepared in cooperation between Estonian, Finnish and Russian environmental organisations.

The exhibition also has a homepage that addresses each exhibition topic in even more detail.