Exhibition "What if...?”

From 25 May the Estonian Museum of Natural History presents a ceramic sculptures exhibition "What if...?" that tells the story of colorful sea creatures. The exhibition is open in the museums inner yard.

Ocean is a place full of magic and surprises. Sea creatures, just like humans, are not always what they seem to be at first sight - a lot can be hidden behind the external appearance. 

In a hustle of daily chores we should not forget that there is always a space for fantasy and funny tales. Playfulness and creative ideas come to our life when we notice something familiar in a weird shapes or unusual places. We come face to face with a camouflage that reflects ability of nature and humans to adapt to this ever-changing world.

Inspiration for the event was drawn from exhibition "The Secrets of Ancient Sea" which is opened in the Estonian Museum of Natural History from the 20th of January 2017, inviting you to partake in a journey through time covering half a billion years to the present in the Estonian seabed, showcasing the movement of Estonian areas, the plants and animals that have lived here and changes in climate. 

The exhibtion is open until 30.09.2017.