Exhibition "The Secrets of Ancient Sea"

The exhibition "The Secrets of Ancient Sea" is opened in the Estonian Museum of Natural History from the 20th of January 2017, inviting you to partake in a journey through time covering half a billion years to the present in the Estonian seabed, showcasing the movement of Estonian areas, the plants and animals that have lived here and changes in climate.

Estonia is a nautical country. During the last 600 million years the Estonian area has largely been affected by various seas and that history is told by the sedimentary rocks from that period. Did you know that the Baltika primeval sea, the heart of which also contained the Estonian area, was situated in the southern hemisphere 600 million years ago? And that the Estonian area has been covered in a tropical sea, where corals and crinoids lived, for example?

Photos: Jüri Lõun

The showroom walls display video installations, where ancient sea creatures awaken and tell the story of their lives, feeding, existence and appearance. In addition to video installations one can find models of sea creatures from the exhibition measuring several meters showing how great these past nautical animals could grow. So, for example, the exhibition hall displays 3-meter nautiloids, 2,5-meter sea scorpion and others. The exhibition also displays a selection of fossils from the Estonian Museum of Natural History's collections, brachiopods, corals, snails, tracheophytes, bryozoans and other exciting sea creatures.

To get to know the exhibition better, book a guided tour! To make a reservation, please contact us by email: muuseum[ät]loodusmuuseum.ee.

The exhibition catalogue is available here

The exhibition in the Estonian Museum of Natural History is open until 30.09.2018.

The preparation of exhibition was supported by the Environmental Investment Centre.

Photo: Jüri Lõun

Curators: Kairi Põldsaar and Sander Olo
Animators: Jaagup Metsalu ja Erik Heinsalu (BOP Animation)
General design: Jüri Lõun (Exporabbit)
Project managers: Maaja Kuiv (Exporabbit), Nelly Orissaar (Estonian Museum of Natural History) and Stella Skulatšjova (Estonian Museum of Natural History)
Team: sta­ff of the Estonian Museum of Natural History
Light solution: Eva Tallo (Light On)
Acknowledgements: Marina Maran, Andrei Miljutin, Ad Altum OÜ, Erik Lääne (RGB), Linex OÜ, RMK, Pixmill OÜ, Digitrükk OÜ, Priigus OÜ