Exhibition „Our Baltic Sea“

The exhibition "Our Baltic Sea" is opened in the Estonian Museum of Natural History from the 20th of January 2017, introducing species living in the Baltic Sea and their linkages, talks about the effect of humans on the Baltic Sea, and calls to ponder how closely connected we are.

20 000 years ago the Baltic Sea region was covered by a strong ice sheet. Life as we know it wasn’t present here. Today, about 85 million people live around the Baltic Sea, over 2000 ships sale these waters every day and about 95 million people travel across the Baltic Sea every year.

But people aren’t the only ones who live beside the Baltic Sea. There are seals and shoals of fish living in the Baltic Sea. And every year about 8 million birds come to overwinter here, both at the coast and offing.

To understand the fragile balance of the Baltic Sea, it is important to understand how we all are connected to it.

From 20 January the Estonian Museum of Natural History showcases the exhibition “Our Baltic Sea”. The exhibition introduces the species who live in the Baltic Sea, the connections between them and also the part people have in it.

The exhibition is open at the Estonian Museum of Natural History until 30.09.2018.

The preparation of exhibitions was supported by the Environmental Investment Centre.

Compiler: University of Tartu Natural History Museum
Curator: Veljo Runnel
Team from the Estonian Museum of Natural History: Lennart Lennuk, Stella Skulatšjova, Ethel Tamm
Consultants: Mart Jüssi, Jonne Kotta (Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu)
Content editor: Annelie Ehlvest
Language editor: Leelo Laurits
General Design: Gunars Tisons (Salibar OÜ)
Project Manager: Eva-Liisa Orula