Exhibition „Bats: Super-powers“

From 29th of August 2020 the exhibition “Bats: Super-powers” is open at Tammsaare Park in Tallinn. The exhibition introduces bats, Estonia’s animal of the year, through their outstanding abilities and adaptions. The exhibition is created in co-operation between the Estonian Museum of Natural History and the Estonian Fund for Nature.

Bats are remarkably well adapted to surviving in our world. They can navigate very elegantly in complete darkness and hunt using only their sense of hearing. Hanging upside down for days or snatching an insect mid-flight with their feet is a piece of cake.

The exhibition “Bats: Super-powers” presents ten most remarkable adaptions bats have, for example their ability to fast for months or fly thousands of kilometres in just a number of days. You can also find out why bats are super-helpers in our fields and gardens and how their super-stealth helps them suddenly “appear” in our cellar or even indoors.

'Bats: Super-powers' is an off-shoot of the 'Terribly Adorable Bats' exhibition at the Estonian Museum of Natural History. The exhibition is open at Tammsaare Park until the end of this year.

Curators: Rauno Kalda, Oliver Kalda (Estonian Fund for Nature), Lennart Lennuk (Estonian Museum of Natural History)
Team: Madli Karjatse, Ulla Villem, Kätlyn Metsmaa (Estonian Museum of Natural History), Lauri Klein (Estonian Fund for Nature), Helen Küppas (Motor Agency)
Graphic design: Teele Strauss, Meelis Krošetskin (Motor Agency)
Production and installation: Digiprint
Editor: Sigrid Ots (Keelevaatleja)
Text translation: Luisa Translation Agency, Anna Mar
Acknowledgments: Kadrioru Park, Tallinn city administration