Exhibition „The Bold and the Beautiful. Starred by: lichen and moss“

From April 7 2016 to Januari 8 2017 the Estonian Museum of Natural History presented an exhibition „The Bold and the Beautiful. Starred by: lichen and moss“. The exhibition introduced the extraordinary endurance and often underestimated value to our ecosystem and to people that lichens and mosses have.

Lichens and mosses have habited the Earth for more than 450 million years. Besides their unique and beautiful looks, lichens and mosses are unusually strong – they can handle extremely cold temperature, freezing, strong sunlight and complete drying out.

The biggest part of the exhibition focused on lichens – their structure, way of life, role in the ecosystem and many other interesting aspects. Did you know that lichens can survive in the outer space and that you can use lichens to paint your wool sock rainbow colored? 

The second half of the exhibition opened the world of mosses and gave an overview of their nature and importance to other creatures. Did you know that mosses do not need dirt for growing and that mosses are a home for numerous species? All the smaller guests (but not only!) were welcome to find out how many different mosses does a famous Estonian book figure Sammalhabe (Moss-Beard) have in his beard. The ones who felt tired had a chance to take a moment to lay down on a real moss bed.

The exhibition was open in the Estonian Museum of Natural History until January 8 2017.

Curators: Marja-Liisa Kämärä ja Loore Ehrlich
Team: sta­ff of the Museum of Natural History
Design: loovagentuur Pult
Light solution: Light On OÜ
Acknowledgements: Tartu   Ülikooli   lihhenoloogia   töörühm,   Jaan   Rõõmus,   Marina   Maran,   Marina Grigorova,  Ad  Altum  OÜ,  RMK,  Kristel  Maamägi  OÜ,  Virk  ja  Risti  OÜ,  Digitrükk OÜ, Linex OÜ, Bop Animation OÜ, Red Hat Group Design OÜ, Külli Leppik, Aino Pervik, Huntman OÜ, RMK