59th Mushroom Exhibition

Autumn is the time for foraging mushrooms. Our thoughts move toward mushroom sauce and mushroom salad or some other tasty meal. Jars of pickled mushrooms dance before our eyes.

Yet, the rich and abundant world of fungi has much more to offer than just culinary pleasures. There are even mushrooms whose looks couldn’t be any more different from the familiar fellows with cap and stem, and who are surprisingly useful in many fields. What’s more – you may be surprised to learn that much of the hidden diversity of fungi can only be seen under a microscope.

This year's mushroom exhibition is running from September 11 to September 26. During the few weeks you are welcome to visit the museum's courtyard that has been filled with hundreds of mushrooms: edible, inedible, conditionally edible or even poisonous.

Every day a consultant is present at the exhibition to help those who have found a mysterious mushroom that needs to be identified. Meaning, you can come with a mushroom you have picked and have it identified. Additionally, you can contribute to the mushroom display by bringing mushrooms in a good condition to the museum. We will exhibit the nicest ones.

The exhibition is open every day from September 11 to 26 at 11am to 7pm.

On September 24 we are participating in the Scientists' Night Festival. See more here.