51th mushroom exhibition

An exhibition will teach visitors how to distinguish between similar-looking edible and poisonous mushrooms

From 13 to 22 September 2013, the Estonian Museum of Natural History will display the traditional mushroom exhibition. The exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of edible and poisonous mushrooms found in Estonia, with a special focus on the most common confusing pairs.

“Most mushroom poisonings are caused by species that, at a casual glance, look a dead ringer to some good edible mushroom. At this autumn’s mushroom exhibition, we pay special attention to species that require particular alertness to distinguish between them,” said Loore Ehrlich, head of the botany department of the Museum of Natural History.

Approximately 150 species of edible, non-edible and poisonous mushrooms will be presented at the exhibition at a time, with nearly 250 species to be presented over the duration of the exhibition. To better introduce similar mushroom species, the exhibition hall is adorned with explanatory drawings by artist Eleriin Ello. The exhibition also displays art photos by Peeter Laurits. Various questions about mushrooms will be answered by an expert present in the hall.

A separate exhibition hall will be open for younger mushroom friends. In the yard of the museum, kids can present Leelo Tungal’s poems about mushrooms together with actors.

Within the framework of the exhibition, a trip to a mushroom forest will be held, guided by mycologist Veiko Kastanje.